Romance is not Dead

& thank you La La Land for reminding us!

This movie is by far the best thing I’ve watched in years. It celebrates romance, love, music, art and everything that goes with it.

I’ve been dying to watch it when it came out in the movie theatres but I decided to wait and watch it alone in the comfort of my own home; not because I don’t love the Cinema, but because I had a feeling I would need my personal space to freely express myself with this one.

This movie is the perfect example demonstrating that romance does not belong somewhere in the past. It’s a musical set at our time, our world, and it does not lack any star quality that all well loved musicals do and frankly it rises the hopes of every repressed person nowadays forced to live a dull life in order to live by, forced to give up on his/her dreams and creativity because “love” is for fairytales.

The music is astonishing and it makes you want to be a part of the story. It makes you want to take a plane in LA and spend your days in old movie theatres, or have a whiskey at a Jazz bar. Just because we’re in the future it doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate the past in it, or appreciate it and learn from it. We have become harsh, cold, distant; this movie is simply dreamy.


The most important part of the movie for me is the ending, and the way that I have interpreted it. See, even in this dreamy setting, this dreamy big love, it’s proven that little decisions can change the course of our entire lives. If Sebastian hadn’t pushed Mia that day at the bar, if he hadn’t joined the band, if he was at Mia’s play…viewing how their life could have been together in combination with the indescribable music made me sob like a baby. They could have achieved their dreams together. They didn’t, but when they saw each other again after 5 years, having achieved their dreams separately and having completely different lives, in the end they were able to be happy for each other’s happiness, even though they both knew deep down they would love each other forever.

“One decision can change the course of your entire life, so choose wisely.


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