Bring me Back my Childhood

The incredible experience of travelling back in time.

During the course of two weeks I had the chance to experience a fascinating and emotional trip back in time, speaking of course about the movie Fantastic Beasts and where to Find them. Like most young people of my generation, I was and I am a big fan of Harry Potter. Not just about the movies as movies, but mostly about the genius that is J. K. Rowling ! You have to give that to her, the woman conceived a whole world, with every possible detail about it carefully thought.

Those names of spells? I mean how did she come up with them, names of places, do you know how many times I had a dream of walking into Olivander’s as a kid and letting my wand choose me; or spending a chilled afternoon in the Three Broomsticks enjoying a butterbeer (not wanting to think of how many calories that would have). Who can forget about Platform nine and three-quarters, how did she think of THAT?
I have watched and re-watched the whole franchise over 5 times, which is incredibly time consuming but I honestly do not care, and every time I end up crying not just about the whole Harry Potter World being over, but mostly about the fact that I’m never going to be a part of it, I am never going to Hogwarts because it is just not real  😦

I think my generation is the most emotionally involved one with Harry Potter cause we grew up along with the characters. We were about the same age as Harry in the first movie, and every year along with them we were a bit older too, and thus, the movies were transforming from movies for kids to amazing fiction and sometimes even horror, right in front of us. When I heard about Fantastic Beasts I booked a ticket for the premier like two weeks ahead. When I was buying my popcorn before the movie started, a deep feeling of thrill overwhelmed me. Needless to say, when the movie started I kept weeping, for no reason, just for being a part of the wizarding world once again.

The movie, as a movie, cannot be compared with any of the Harry Potter movies. It was vert enjoyable to watch and it did have that magic in the air, but still, not Harry Potter. However, just the chance to be inside the piece of this story, the genious ideas of J. K. Rowling again coming to the big screen, moved me so much and made me so happy because I genuinly thought I would have to compromise to watching and rewatching Harry Potter in order to get a glimpse of magic. I’m hearing that the new franchise has a lot more to give, especially in regards to Albus’s background and early years, so that is an exciting twist, plus the connections to the Harry Potter movies already show and it is said to have an even better incorporation of later history in the next movies.


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