Time is Running Out

Disclamer: The pills shown in the video are simple antibiotics which had expired so I used them for the sake of art. The drink is actually whiskey, and trying to bare in mind all the criticisms of the last video, I wasn’t actually drinking it, I was just pretending to.

Our generation is a confused generation; we are bombarded with millions of news, developments, changes, life-changing decisions, everyday and in contrast to what many of our elders believe, I think we might be one of the most politically involved generations with the most critical thought and financial awareness that the world has seen for many years in young people (with exceptions of course).

There are, however, a few issues that remain unresolved, as maybe we have focused too much on “survival of the fittest” issues. We have become competitive, sharp, efficient and we have learned to adapt and to cope in order to succeed during those difficult financial times, but maybe in the process we have forgotten to pay attention not only to our fellow men and women, but to our selfs, our needs, our problems.

We have too much expectations and we are too easy to judge people. We no longer have the time to look beneath the surface or make an effort to empathise, let alone to sympathise. We expect people to have fun, to always think that they “always live once”, but to still hold it together up to the point that it is socially acceptable. We should simply accept that people might not be okay sometimes, and that is totally normal, it is not weak and it is not pathetic. It is normal, because we are no gods, and instead of trying to play gods, judging anyone that crosses paths with us, we should maybe be trying to see behind their actions. Maybe that way we’d actually get to help some people, and trust me it doesn’t take much effort to help someone.


2 thoughts on “Time is Running Out

    1. Thank you so much for linking my video! Your writing is amazing; I often wonder, or even get upset, about these kind of issues. Keep being honest and open, the world needs more people
      Like that!
      Thanks again for the video ☺️

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