The Passing

I am generally against all this hypocrisy surrounding a death, where usually people who didn’t know the deceased, or barely knew him, appear to be so devastated, when in reality they would have taken it harder if their dog died. When a person dies that doesn’t make him/her a saint and nobody has to pretend as if he/she lived life as an angel, or try super hard to find a memory with that person to cry about.
I don’t like or support that mentality…IN GENERAL…but recently when a person passed, although I’ve never met her myself, but I know people who had, and have, a very dear space in their hearts about her. This girl was a little bit older than me and she had cancer. While she did her chemo-therapies, trying to battle cancer every way she could, she chose not to give up on life. She chose to not only battle cancer, but also the stigmatization that surrounds it, as most illnesses, especially fatal.

This girl, was a fellow blogger, and although she had days which were terrible she chose to write about it, share her experiences, and how being ill didn’t make her less of a person. She was a university student, a blogger, and a very loved person by many. She tried to show the way to anyone who needed help, trying to pass along the message that being ill doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. She always tried to not leave a day pass without being able to say that she had at least one beautiful moment.

Like I mentioned above, I’ve never met her, but I was reading her blog and since I myself am battling certain health issues, maybe not fatal, but still challenging, it was a huge relief seeing someone so young and brave not giving a damn about whether someone would feel pity, she did not pity her self at all and by her stance, none did anyone else!!! Just going out her doing her thing and trying to help people view life the same way. And trust me it is not hypocritical at all when I say that since I’ve learned about her passing there hasn’t been a day that I didn’t thought about what a great loss the world just experienced.

I deeply hope that more people will choose to follow her example even without her there and learn to appreciate life, however that is given to us!


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