Meditation: Yes or No?

Focusing on my Body

Although I find myself pretty busy these past few weeks with the upcoming final exams and applying for an internship in New York, I managed to go out with my friends on Saturday night which was pretty refreshing, cause now that I’m all grown up and mature (haha) going to night clubs has been significantly limited.

The only downside to the story is that I once again sprained my ankle, not too badly but it still hurts and I still sleep with a bandage in order to keep my leg steady. I sprain my ankle pretty often because when I was younger and still a dancer I had an injury which left it a bit sensitive.

I didn’t pay much attention to it because I am used to the pain but last night something pretty impressive happened. Have you ever cut yourself by mistake, or hit your little toe on a furniture? I’m sure you have noticed that right away the injured spot starts warming up and you can feel your heartbeat there; you can feel the blood pulsing underneath your skin. Well last night, right before I fell asleep I started concentrating on the pain of my ankle and suddenly I started having that exact sensation,

“the more I concentrated the more I could feel my blood, my heartbeat, my whole organism.

Soon enough it was just me and my body, I imagined the route of the blood down to my fingertips and right back up, I felt my respiratory system relaxing and my body’s effort to heal the pain. This whole process helped me sleep smoother than ever, which was amazing considering that I sometimes experience difficulties with sleeping, unless I’m incredibly tired. It reminded me certain mindfulness exercises that we use in Psychology, specifically with the Behavioural approach and made me wonder whether Meditation would be beneficial for me.

If you have any suggestions, tips and advice in regards to whether I should start meditating and whether it has helped you with any sleeping disturbances let me know.




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