Terrorism in Europe, 2015-2016.

The Impact of the Attack in Brussels.

Terror & Alertness

Given the volatile state of Europe right now, the economic crisis, and the refugees, which I wrote about in a previous article, I couldn’t help but comment on yesterday’s attack on Brussels.

Three suicide bombers, evidently ISIS supporters, targeted the airport of Brussels and the metro system, which resulted in the death of 34 people and about 200 who got wounded. One of the three suspected terrorist’s explosives did not take off, therefore he is on the run and has not yet been arrested. Later that day shootings were noted in Amsterdam’s central rail station. Later the dutch police reported that those were warning shots fired while arresting the suspects. It has not yet been determined whether that incident was terrorism related, neither if the Brussels incident is related to the six coordinated attacks in Paris that occurred in November and cost 130 people their lives.

Europe is mourning, and it’s impossible for terrorists not to succeed their ultimate goal, which is spreading terror. People refuse to leave their houses, turning Brussels into a ghost city; but the terror is spreading everywhere. Draconian safety measures are being applied to Eleutherios Venizelos (the airport of Athens), to prevent any terrorist attacks but the two previous attacks over the time period of only three months are more than enough to put people in an alarmed state.

The media, at least in Greece, urge people not to stop flying over Europe’s airspace, not to stop their lives and not to paralyse. However, people can’t stop themselves from wondering; “are we next”? We all hope for the best and can’t do anything rather than trust Europe in facing this issue as soon and as successively as possible.

P. S. I was just informed that the third guy did get arrested today and in fact he is thought to be the head behind the attacks of November in Paris.


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