Living With Your Partner

Talking about relationships.

Do you know what is synonymous for relationships? Compromise; compromise is synonymous to relationships because if you’re serious about your life partner then you must learn to fit two separate beings, two separate personalities who were obviously brought up with major or minor differences, two people that might have differences from the way they eat their breakfast up to how they fold their clothes, those two people have to become incorporated into one common way of life.

Specifically cohabiting, for example. People think it’s so easy to live with a person since they are so in love, so excited about each other and they care so much but no. Yes my dear guys and girls, it is hard. It is different than sleeping over at your partner’s house for one, two or even seven nights. You have to make sure that your partner and yourself are compatible because when you share a house neither of you has the excuse of “This is my house (or my parent’s house), so you can’t smoke in it, you can’t wake up whenever you want, you can’t buy whatever you want”. C-O-M-P-R-O-M-I-S-E is inevitable; and you know what? So it should be.

You have chose this person to build your life around and together at the same time so stop whining, figure out a plan,

  1. Have a common wallet, see what money goes where so that misunderstandings do not occur.
  2. Have separate plans sometimes because it won’t let things get boring or your partner to complain about not spending enough time with his/her friends.
  3. Set a working/studying time, because you don’t want to be studying for a midterm and have your boyfriend playing PS4 with his friend drinking beers, or your girlfriend giggling with her girlfriends while doing their nails and drinking wine.
  4. Learn to keep your calm when you guys fight because guess what; fighting is part of the plan, you are going to be with a person everyday, sometimes you or him/her just won’t be in the mood, maybe you got fired, maybe his professors are giving him a hard time, maybe someone got a bad grade, so maybe you won’t be in the mood to speak to much, and if one of you does, fighting will occur. It is absolutely fucking normal.
  5. Both of you, be part of the house chores, One person cannot deal with them, de facto.
  6. Don’t let the sexual chemistry get lost, you are a couple, kiss, hold hands, have sex, and for god’s sake have sex. Just because you live together it does’t mean you are a 70 year old married couple. Enjoy your common youth.

Living with your partner can be one of the most beautiful experiences. The relationship can be taken to a whole other level and the bonding can become unbreakable if you both learn what compromise means. Enjoy it and don’t mess it up.


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