Cellphones in Class, why are they not allowed?


They do not allow mobile phones during lecture in college, but is this really meaningful or is it just another established meaningless rule?

Why mobile phones are not allowed in classroom.

As a college student in an organised American institution with very good faculty and staff, I still have to make a statement. I am in my sophomore year and I am still confused about what the curriculum contains. In other words about what we are allowed to do during class and what we are not. In a big institution like mine you will see several situations.

  • Students sipping on coffee, juice, tea, or some other kind of beverage during class. Well some teachers are down for that, they give you your peace, obviously you are not in high school anymore, you are a responsible adult and unlike eating and making constant noises, drinking during class does not interfere with the instructors’ job and personally I strongly believe that IT IS NOT DISRESPECTFUL. Hearing someone saying that sipping on coffee during class, in college, is disrespectful is like the teacher acting like a spoiled brat who desperately seeks for attention. “Hey, you, student, why are you wasting this 0.01 second for sipping this coffee? It is absolutely disrespectful because I am here teaching you and this 0.01 second that you spent on sipping your coffee was vitally important and instead of respecting my effort to teach you, you ignore me and sip on this coffee. Shame on you.” Some other teachers claim that the curriculum does not allow it…yeah okay. I’ll tell you what the thing is, the curriculum might not allow it due to the fact there is a concerned of any beverage being spilled at the floor. THAT is the truth, but the teachers who do not have some kind of issues with themselves are cool with it. They probably think like “Hey we are all adults, I want to drink some coffee too, so lets just bring our coffee in class and be careful not to spill it.”
  • It is verified that students in my college are allowed at any point to get up and leave the class without raising their hands and asking for permission like in high school. If you want to go to the bathroom you get up and go to the bathroom, if you want to talk on the phone you go out and talk on the phone. If you want to leave you leave, the instructor may give you an absence but he doesn’t have a say. Guess why. That’s right, because we are ADULTS!
  • Last but not least, some say cellphones are not aloud in class. Why? Because it is disrespectful having your attention elsewhere during the lecture and communicating with other people outside the class about irrelevant matters through texting, or going online to social media. Some teachers are obviously okay with it, because YES we are ADULTS and we can use our phone anytime during class, because we are paying so if we don’t want to follow the lecture it is OUR choice. Also it would make sense that in this era that technology has been insanely evolved, students should be able to take advantage means such as smartphones in class and have a meaningful interaction. It is still unclear to me if indeed banding cellphones in class is a part of the curriculum.

What about laptops?

I have came to the conclusion that we live in a retarded narrow minded world that is so obsessed about maintaining some stability and a traditional touch that they do not want to see that humanity is evolving, therefore they ought to follow and keep up and stop being so conservative.

Students in college are allowed to use their laptops during the lecture and the institution provides to them free wireless network in which they have access from any spot in campus, therefore they can use their laptop, during the lecture, as a mean for connecting to any social network, communicating with anyone who is online and generally do anything they wish to, because laptops ARE allowed.

Now my question is, what is the difference between using a laptop during class and using a cellphone during class? NONE. People are just CONSERVATIVE and refuse to constantly “update” themselves. Sometimes I honestly feel that I live in a world filled with individuals who have IQ identical to a toddlers’. So let me get this straight, I can use my 13 inch’ laptop, which is pretty big and obvious, during class in order to do whatever the hell I want, including of course take notes and open files who have to do with the class, go to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even write at this blog right now, without any problem and without any complains from my professor…but i can’t use my smartphone to do the SAME THING? Yeah this is genius!

Question yourselves my dear readers and think critically, why do people are so STUBBORN, just because they have that idea in their mind that mobiles should not be used, even if they agreed with my argument they would still say “Well the curriculum does not allow it, you can go to the registar and state your complains.” There are some things in our everyday life and the way we have structured our activities that totally DO NOT make sense. It’s like humans are scared of innovations and that is why history keeps repeating itself and every step ahead they take another five behind.

Just think about it.


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