Summer Nostalgia

Paros-GreeceI miss summer.

The sun is burning in Athens, giving us a taste of an early summer and I can’t help but feeling nostalgic towards the beautiful summer, so I figured since it’s only Spring, i should write down all the things I miss about summer.

Things I miss about summer

I shut my eyes and I think of the sun burning on my skin, this majestic sensation of warmness that embraces your body and finds its way in your soul. Everyone’s soul is warmer during summertime, everyone is opened, as if the icy shield we put on during winter melts down. I love it when my skin is getting tanned, it is like snow being replaced by the sand colour. Colours, everywhere, colours on our clothes, in our drinks, in our minds, in our eyes, we seek for colours. I love summer clothes. It’s like they free you! They let you loosen up, like a burden is taken off your shoulders, allowing you to feel the sun on your arms or the summer breeze through your neck. I love going to the beach and staying there the whole day. Laying under the sun with the company of a good book, letting the sun change my skin tone, feeling his warm hug, smelling the salt of the water and then feeling the water, letting myself free in it, it is the most calming magical thing, the closest experience to flying…floating. Then staying there, next to the sand with my feet still in the water until it’s afternoon and the heat of the sun is replaced by the start of the sweet summer breeze. Walk up and down the beach and sink my toes into the sand, dance with the water like it would come alive and grab my waste and dance back with me. I’d love a beach house that I could go back to and wash the salt off my skin, wear a beautiful dress, put a hibiscus on my still wet hair and when the moon is up, make some colourful margaritas, some icy mojitos, and step out to our balcony, with the man i love, the view of the Mediterranean and the silver moon mirrored in the crystal water. Light up all the candles I could find and place them all over the balcony, and just sit there and stare at the moon, or at each other. Then make love under the moonlight, because no soul would be there except of ours, his and mine, as one, because our souls would be half if separated.

Oh, how I miss those summer days and nights. I am waiting with all my body and soul for them to come back, because summer brings life, and sometimes love.


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